Chemistry   - Sue Shields
10th or 11th grade
2 Days per Week​
$55/Month; $30 supply fee for the year ​

: Algebra I (and preferably Alg.2) - Understanding algebraic concepts is mandatory.

There will be a math pre-test. If your student's math skills are weak, please contact Mrs. Shields.   ​This is a first year college preparatory chemistry course. Students will  become familiar ​with the concepts and math necessary to do well in university chemistry. Modules cover ​atoms and molecules, chemical equations, atomic and molecular structure, acids and base, thermodynamics, oxidation-reduction reactions and more.  Students will be expected to ​read and outline the book, do problems, quizzes and in-class and take home exams, ​perform experiments, and write informal and formal labs as well as do one research paper and one project. This course will use the Apologia Chemistry 2nd Edition book.  This course will earn an honors credit.

Text: Exploring Creation with Chemistry (2nd Edition), by Jay P. Wile, Ph.D. with solution manual (Can only be bought used. This edition is out of print.) 

​​Required Calculator: TI-30 equivalent or above


Note: Extra tutoring is available. First session is free.​​

​​​​Engineering/Robotics- Sue Shields
High School
2 Days per Week (one hour each day)
$40/Month; $100 supply fee for robotics materials and competition fees
Text: Laptop computer (Windows 7 OS or higher) highly recommended​​


This is a science elective which explores general Engineering principles as well as different major branches of this field. Class assignments will include homework, quizzes, and mini-projects highlighting the focused branch of engineering; field trips and guest speakers will also be included with instruction. This year we will be using the masterworks curriculum.

​​The Robotics portion of the course will concentrate on a specific engineering project called the FIRST Tech Challenge. This class will change year to year and students are encouraged to return another year. This is a multi-age class, grades 9 through 12. The competition project will include field trips and possible group work times at libraries or other locations outside of class time. There will be at least one competition on a Saturday that all students should make all attempts to attend.There may also be a competition 2nd semester if the team makes it to state finals. 

​​​​Sue Shields has been a homeschooling parent/teacher for over 18 years. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton with additional coursework  in biology, chemistry, and materials. She has industrial experience in chemical formulations, sales, and air pollution control. She has also mentored FIRST teams from FIRST Robotics through FIRST Lego League.

She has taught chemistry, physical science, and physics for over 20 years in a number of homeschool co-op settings. She has also tutored algebra, pre-calculus​​​​, and chemistry at different times for over 28 years. She feels God has called her to offer these courses through Arete to fill a need for homeschoolers who wish to homeschool through the high school years but feel they could use some technical help to accomplish this task. 

AP Chemistry - Sue Shields 
12th grade                         This course is not offered in 2018.
2 Days per Week​

​This is a 2nd year chemistry course. Completing this course and a regular chemistry course is considered an advanced placement chemistry course. The two together are preparation for the AP exam in advanced Chemistry. This class will be an accelerated 2-day per week, 2nd semester class. This is an in-depth class and should answer some of the questions that were not covered in the 1st chemistry course. Exams and quizzes will be take-home but students should plan on taking them closed book to prepare for the AP exam. Course will include labs and reports and students will be required to keep a lab notebook that will be checked periodically. There will be one research project. There will be review for the AP exam included in this course.
Prerequisite: 1st year high school chemistry min grade of B. Algebra II with a min grade of B or instructor’s permission.

Botany- Susan Marston
10th grade                          This course is not offered in 2018.

​Prerequisite: Ready for high school science and have at least a 10th grade reading ability. ​Exceptions made on a case by case basis. This is an alternative course in biology that can take the place of regular biology for ​students who do not wish to participate in animal ​dissections. This class will present ​basic plant biology and will teach the students the ​importance of plants in creation.  Effective completion of this course will earn an AP Science credit.
MS General Science ​- Hope Cumbia
7th or 8th grade
2 Days per Week
$55/Month; $30 supply fee for the year

Text: Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Edition by Jay P. Wile, Ph. D (Order the text and solutions set. Optional purchases: Companion CD-ROM, MP3 Audio CD, and Student Workbook)​  **Order through, pick up at the homeschool convention in June at Children's Books, or get at a used curriculum sale.

Contact: (Please include "Arete General Science" in the subject.)​​​​

​This course is designed to be a student’s first systematic introduction to the sciences. This is a middle school course that covers such topics as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology and human anatomy and physiology. The students will learn to write up their lab experiments as they complete the many hands on experiments through out the text. This is an excellent class to prepare middle school students for high school level sciences in regards to thinking, testing and working through experiments.

Physical Science - Hope Cumbia
8th or 9th grade
2 Days per Week
$55/Month; $30 supply fee for the year

Text: Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd Edition by Jay Wile, Ph. D (Order the text and solutions set.Optional purchases: Companion CD-ROM and MP3 Audio CD)​ **Order through, pick up at the homeschool convention in June at Children's Books, or get at a used curriculum sale.

Contact: ​​ (Please include "Arete Physical Science" in the subject.)​​​​
​This course provides a detailed introduction to the physical environment and some of the basic laws that make it work. The fairly broad scope of the course provides the student with a good understanding of the earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. It also covers details on weather, motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, the solar system, atomic structure, radiation, nuclear reactions, stars and galaxies. A lab is included in this course. This should be the last course the student takes before high school biology. It is recommended that the student take this course during the same year or after they are taking pre-algebra. This course does give the student high school credit for a science and lab.

Hope Cumbia homeschooled her four daughters for 19 years. She has a B.S. in Education from Oklahoma Baptist University and has taught and substituted in the public arena. She has given year end evaluations for homeschooled students for the past 18 years. ​

"I feel blessed and honored to be a part of Arete while helping home-educating parents prepare their teens for high school level subjects. I look forward to coming alongside students and parents while teaching and encouraging during the journey."​​

Biology I - Susan Marston       
**NOTE: Due to high demand, this course will be offered at two different blocks in 2018. 
10th grade (possibly 9th--see prerequisite)
2 Days per Week

Prerequisite: Ready for high school science and has at least a 10th grade reading ability. Exceptions made on a case by case basis.  This is a first year course in biology. Class will include basic biology including some dissection and microscopy.

$55/Month; $20 supply fee for the year

Exploring Creation with Biology by Jay P. Wile, Ph.D.
Text only 
(needed prior to the first day of class) *Please do not purchase the Tests and Solutions manual. 


Anatomy / Physiology   - Susan Marston
11th or 12th grade
2 Days per Week

Biology, Chemistry (optional, yet recommended) This class is classified as an advanced placement (AP), Advanced Biology course that is designed to give the student the equivalent of a university biology course. It will cover both the anatomy ​and physiology of the human body’s eleven organ systems ​in detail.  **Note: Students ​wishing to receive Advanced ​Placement credit for this class must take the National ​Advanced Placement test. 


Susan Marston has been a homeschooling parent/teacher for many years. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Mary Washington College. Susan has held positions with Proctor's Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant, San-J International, and Coca-Cola as a lab technician, and a Quality Control/Research and Development Manager.

Since the graduation of her two daughters, Susan has taught several other homeschooled students from her area. She has experience in teaching a wide variety of subjects, but has concentrated mainly on Spanish I, II, and III, Science (Biology, Physical Science, Anatomy/Physiology), Pre-​​Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II.

Forensic Science-High School- Mona Bausone
High School                     This course is not offered in 2018.
2 Days per Week​
The class is designed around authentic performance assessments with students working in teams to solve crimes using scientific knowledge and reasoning. It involves all areas of science including biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and earth science with an emphasis in complex reasoning and critical thinking. In addition, students must incorporate the use of technology, communication skills, language arts, art, family and consumer science, mathematics, social studies and put it all together to find out “whodunit.”

Forensic Science-Middle School - Mona Bausone
Middle School                   This course is not offered in 2018.
2 Days Per Week
​Join the CSI craze and explore the world of Forensic Science. Who doesn’t love a mystery? It’s in reality shows, dramas, and even, historical documentaries; everyone is taking it in. Contrary to popular TV shows, crimes are not solved by superstars in an hour. They are solved by hard-working heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help protect our communities. This general science course hones and reinforces skills in critical thinking, life science, physical science, earth science, archaeology, anthropology and many more. Students will learn the history and uses of the many sciences that go into crime scene work*. Learn to lift fingerprints at a scene, analyze fibers, find the skeletons o f the past and put it all together to find out “whodunit.”

​​Physics    - Rick Sward 
11-12th grade 
1 Day per Week​ (3-hour block includes lab)

​Prerequisite: Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry

$55/Month; $30 supply fee for the year​​​

Text: TBD​​

Contact: ​​

This course teaches the principles of physics using a non-calculus level of math. It is important to use high school algebra, geometry, and trigonometry in the class. Upon completing the class, students will be able to explain the principles of physics that are introduced, apply them to solve quantitative problems, answer conceptual questions about their meaning and implications. The highest priority is to relate the motion of objects to the forces acting on them using Newton's Laws and the concepts of energy and momentum.

​​We'll also work on other topics such as vibrations, waves, sound, optics, electromagnetism, and thermal physics. We'll briefly apply physics to understand some of the properties and behavior of materials, and also take a brief look at some of the concepts of physics that were new to the 20th century. To learn the material we'll use discussions, demonstrations, readings, labs, and guided and independent exploration and practice assignments. The student will sometimes need access to a computer outside of class for posted information and for assignments that use Excel and internet simulations. If computer access is a concern, please contact me, we can work around that if necessary. 

Mr. Sward holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (New York Polytechnic Institute) and a Master's Degree in Physics (SUNY at New Paltz). He has had a total of 34 years in industry, having been a factory worker rebuilding automobile parts, a materials development technician in the flame spray industry, and an engineer for the semiconductor industry, mostly building computer chips. Since 2010 he has taught Physics courses at J Sargeant Reynolds Community College. 

"I like teaching Physics and Math and I like to help people learn. Also, I think that it is important that many people become skilled in math and physics, and that others get some experience in the kind of thinking that is used in those subjects, even if they later apply it to something else. I also know that each student is different and comes into a class with different strengths. I like to work with students knowing that the next appropriate step might be a little different for each one."​​

Veterinary Science - Susan Marston
10th-11th grade                      This course is not offered in 2018.
2 Days per Week​

This class is an introduction to animal science. It will provide a foundation of the traditional disciplines of animal science such as: nutrition, digestion, feeds, genetics, reproduction, disease, and animal behavior. The curriculum will present a thorough coverage of the major species and their respective concerns. Labs will include some dissection and microscopy.

Food Safety Science - Susan Marston
1 Day per Week                This course is not offered in 2018.

This course will cover a wide variety of topics that will cover how to store, cook, and serve food safely. We'll explore topics as basic as proper hand washing to more complex topics such as food borne pathogens.The goal of this course is to better prepare the students to pass the "Serve Safe Food" safety exam that will be given by future employers within the food industry.

Marine Biology - Susan Marston 
​High School                       This course is not offered in 2018.

This will be considered a high school science elective for the student who wishes to explore ocean biology from a Christian perspective. No only will the students learn about the amazing organisms that make their homes in the ocean, but they will also learn about the complex interactions ​that these organisms have with land-dwelling creatures, and that oceans play a vital role
​for all life on earth! There will be 3 types of laboratory exercises that the students will ​perform: microscope labs, dissection labs, and household labs.