Algebra 1- Michal Saunders
9th grade​
2 Days per Week​
​Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra 
$55/month; $10 copy fee for the year
​​Text: Math-U-See Algebra I student pack​​ (


The purpose of this class is to aid the student in understanding the basic concepts of algebra and to help the student acquire important algebraic skills. We will be using the Math-U-See Algebra 1 curriculum. The course is designed to prepare students to transition into Geometry or Algebra 2.​  A solid understanding of Pre-Algebra is essential before beginning this class.  Any questions about readiness should be directed to the tutor.


Geometry- Michal Saunders
10-11th grade
2 Days per Week​
​Prerequisite: Algebra I min.
$55/month; $10 copy fee for the year
Text: Math-U-See Geometry student pack (

Contact: ​​

The purpose of this class is to aid the student in understanding the basic concepts of geometry and see how they apply to real life situations. We will be using the Math-U-See Geometry textbook as the foundation of our study.​

Algebra 2 - Michal Saunders
11th grade
2 Days per Week​
Prerequisite:  A complete understanding of Algebra I.
$55/month; $10 copy fee for the year
Text: Math-U-See Algebra 2 student pack (​

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The Algebra 2 student will continue to develop concepts learned in Algebra 1. New topics introduced will build on this material and will include imaginary and complex numbers, conjugate numbers, binomial theorem, the quadratic formula and graphing conic sections. A complete list of the topics taught can be found at under the Table of Contents for Algebra 2.There will be several hours of homework each week. This class does not have a mid-term exam, but will have weekly quizzes, three unit tests, and a final exam.

Michal has a B.S. in Education from VCU. After teaching elementary school for six years, she stayed home with her children and homeschooled for 13 years. In addition to teaching her own children a wide variety of subjects, she has taught in three homeschool co-ops, as well as a private school. ​​She has taught math on all levels up to and including Algebra 2, using materials from several different publishers. She enjoys teaching children of all ages and has a desire to encourage them in their spiritual and academic growth. 
Pre-Calculus- Sue Shields (Offering private tutoring in 2018-19)
12th grade
​​2 Days Per Week
​Prerequisite: Algebra I , II, and Geometry


This is an intense course using opportunities for practical
​applications.  Students may be ​able to test into calculus at the college level after completion of this course. Most tests will
​be take-home with one in-class test per quarter, a mid-term and a final. Students will need a ​ TI 83 or 84 calculator.

Sue Shields has been a homeschooling parent/teacher for many years. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton with additional coursework in ​​Biology, Chemistry, and Materials. She has industrial experience in chemical formulations, sales, and air pollution control. 

She has taught Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, Biology, Geometry, Algebra I and II, and Pre-​​Calculus for eighteen years in a number of homeschool co-op settings, as well as privately. She feels God has called her to offer these classes through Arete to fill a need for homeschoolers who wish to homeschool through the high school years but feel they could use some technical help to accomplish this task. 

Pre-Algebra - Hope Cumbia          Not offered in 2018
Middle School​
This course is designed to review middle school math and lead the student into ​the beginning of Algebra. The text is the culmination of pre-algebra mathematics, ​a full pre-algebra course and an introduction of geometry. Some topics covered ​include prime and composite numbers, fractions and decimals, order of operations,
​coordinates, exponents, square roots, ratios, algebraic phrases, probability, the ​Pythagorean Theorem and more. It is designed to prepare the middle school student ​for Algebra I.

Hope Cumbia homeschooled her four daughters for 19 years. She has a B.S. in Education from Oklahoma Baptist University and has taught and substituted in the public arena. She has given year-end evaluations for homeschooled students for the past 18 years. She feels blessed and honored to be a part of Arete while helping home educating parents prepare their teens for high school level subjects. She loves coming alongside students and parents while teaching and encouraging during the journey. ​​
Personal Finance/Consumer Math
-​Mona Bausone
11th and12th grade 
1 Day per Week​
$40/Month; $20 supply fee for the year
Text: Foundations in Personal Finance--High School Edition--For Homeschool (2014) ISBN: 978-1-936948-19-2)

Contact: ​​

​This course is beneficial for anyone who will ever own a home, buy a car, use a credit card, apply for a loan, or pay taxes. It is also excellent for anyone who will ever write a resume, go on a job interview, or need to choose a career.

​​Foundations in Personal Finance will meet the requirements for high school credit in consumer math and personal finance. Some of the topics covered will include: Savings, Understanding Investments, Credit and Debt, Financial Responsibility, Money Management, Budgeting, Consumer Awareness, Insurance/Risk Management, Real Estate, Mortgages, Income, Taxes, and Giving.

​​We will also cover Career Choices, Job Search Strategies, Resumes, and Interview Techniques. Older teens are getting ready for the real world and facing these challenges of life. And we want them to be ready!


Mona Bausone is a homeschooling mom of three who has been training adults for over 15 years in software and soft skills for the last seven. She is MOS (formerly MOUS) certified in Office 2000, but currently teaches all versions up to version 2013 to adults at various computer schools in Richmond. As an independent consultant she has built databases, written manuals and trained clients such as US Navy and other government officials. Through the years, companies have recognized her ability to help today's adults with their writing, management, and interpersonal skills. She is an industry published author, has worked on several ​​official historical projects, and other research assignments. Although teaching for corporations has been a blessing by allowing her to be at home with her children, Mona hears the Father's call to serve the children and families of other homeschoolers so that they are prepared for the future as knowledgeable and faith-filled leaders on earth.