Middle School Humanities I- Tammy Elrod
​7th and 8th grade
​1 Day per Week
($55/Month for both Middle School History/Geography and Middle School Literature and Composition I) ​
​Pre-Requisite - None

Contact: btelrod@comcast.net

This class is a study of the history, geography and literature of a particular geographic area on a 3 year rotation. For 2018-2019, the area of focus will be US History/Geography & Literature. In 2019-2020, we will focus on European History/Geography & Literature and in 2020-2021, we will study the rest of the World, primarily focusing on the Middle East and Asia.

Middle School History and Geography I-
7th and 8th grade
1 Day per Week (one hour class block)
​​​$35/month; $10 supply fee for the year

​​In the history and geography session, we will learn about the history and geography of the United States during the 2018-2019 school year. ​The class will be divided into units studying the US, beginning with the Native Americans and continuing through modern day. The textbook is America From The Beginning by Joshua Franklin and Debbie Lawrence. ​​This book can be purchased at christianbook.com for $41.49.

Middle School Literature and Composition I-
7th and 8th grade
1 Day per Week (one hour class block)
​​$35/month​​; $10 supply fee for the year

​For Literature, our textbook will be Writing With Skill, Student Workbook Level 1, Level 5 of the Complete Writer by Susan Wise-Bauer. (This book can be purchased at christianbook.com for $18.89.)

We will read the following books:

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare, Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper, Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes, Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, in that order to correspond with the History units of study. These books are easily found at the library or can be purchased very inexpensively at amazon.com. We will read them in that order, so they can be purchased along the way. The books will be discussed in class to develop the literary themes as well as to correlate with the history units of study. We will complete a writing assignment (various formats) as part of the study of each of the books.

American Literature - Wendy Hale  Not offered in 2018
11th and 12th grade
1 Day per Week

​In this class we will study writings and authors in the following periods of American History: Colonial; Revolutionary; Romanticism; Regionalism; and Realism. We may also consider the American Musical. We will review the terms of literature, styles of literature, and purposes of literature. Along with reading assignments students will have research projects and written essays/papers. This is a one day course and is offered at 2 different time spots. 

​​Wendy Hale has a B.A. in English from Mary Washington College, Summa Cum Laude.​ She was an English instructor for Spotsylvania County Schools from 1988-1995. She taught her own four children at home from 2000-2017 and partnered with Arete Christian Academy as a board member, parent, and tutor since its founding in 2006.
US History - Lynn Saunders      Not offered in 2018
11th-12th grades
1 Day per Week

​​Tenth grade reading level required.
​This is an upper level high school US History course. Students will learn the history of our country, considering God's influence. We will focus on the 19th and 20th centuries, as most students have covered the years of exploration and colonial life in their younger years. Students will have reading assignments, text assignments, projects and small writing assignments. A timeline will help us link all of materials together.

Reel Writing - Mona Bausone
9th-12th grades
1 Day per Week

Contact: keystroke1@verizon.net​​

​The movies that have a lasting impact are often those that also make us think in a new way or expose us to a meaningful story, more so than merely entertain. The trick is to get students to write more—and to enjoy it. As students write more they encode what they know and believe as they decode both movies and books. Students will cover the basic writing genres: persuasive, expository, narrative, letters, creative writing, comparison, review, descriptive. Therefore, I have tried to include movies that students will actually like without much prodding and which are appropriate for high school (G, PG, PG-13). Some films are inspirational, others are popular, but all will be discussed with Christ in mind. Each semester, a movie will be used as a springboard for a service project in the community.

​​​​Mona Bausone is a homeschooling mom of three who has been training adults for over 15 years in software and soft skills for the last seven. She is MOS (formerly MOUS) certified in Office 2000, but currently teaches all versions up to version 2013 to adults at various computer schools in Richmond. As an independent consultant she has built databases, written manuals and trained clients such as US Navy and other government officials. Through the years, companies have recognized her ability to help today's adults with their writing, management, and interpersonal skills. She in an industry published author, has worked on several ​​official historical projects, and other research assignments. Although teaching for corporations has been a blessing by allowing her to be at home with her children, Mona hears the Father's call to serve the children and families of other homeschoolers so that they are prepared for the future as knowledgeable and faith-filled leaders on earth.

Government - Virginia & U.S. - Lynn Saunders
12th grade     
2 Days per Week   **OFFERED AT 9:00 and 10:30 
$55/Month; $15 copy fee for the year
Text: None (online books, news sources, and internet articles)​​

Contact: lhs23111@comcast.net​​

​Students will learn about different types of government and study the U.S. and VA Constitutions to learn how our national and state government systems operate. The class will discuss issues that came up while forming our government using internet articles and articles copied for the class from different sources. Current issues and legislation will be discussed using news articles and relevant court cases. There will be no text book; current sources will make the course relevant and timely.

​​Students will be responsible for bringing in news items to discuss each week. They will be expected to read assigned material including news articles, participate in class discussions, and express opinions based on the information reviewed.

Lynn Saunders has been at Arete for nine years teaching VA & U.S. Government and VA & U.S. History. She has a passion for showing others the importance of following government issues and current news and really learning about U.S. Government. Lynn graduated from Mary Washington College with a B.A. in American Studies. She taught VA and U.S. Government at Lee Davis High School for ten years, and she has had experience working in state government as a legislative assistant to Delegate Frank Hargrove (R-55 Hanover) in the VA General Assembly for two sessions and then worked as a legal assistant at the VA Office of the Attorney General for four years. She also worked with the Refugee Resettlement Office of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond and also as a grant writer for nonprofit organizations. ​​

British Literature-Wendy B. Hale
​​11th - 12th grades
1 Day per Week
$45/Month; $20 supply fee
Texts: TBD

Contact: wendyhale88@gmail.com​​

We will consider major works of British literature such as Beowulf, Pilgrim's Progress, Shakespeare's Hamlet, a Jane Austen work, and non-fiction works of C.S. Lewis. Students will be assigned reading and writing assignments to be discussed and considered in class discussions; participation is expected. Research papers and one or more individual projects will be assigned. We may attend a performance at the Shakespeare Theater in Staunton in the spring. If so, the cost of the ticket and lunch would be in addition to the class tuition and fees.


​​​​​​World Literature- Wendy B. Hale
​9th-12th grade
​1 Day per Week
$45/Month; $20 supply fee​
Texts: TBD

Contact: wendyhale88@gmail.com​​

​In this course, we will consider ancient literary pieces from Sumerian and Hebrew (Biblical) cultures. Persian/Arabian, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese literature may be incorporated as needed. We will carefully study classical Greek and Roman literature including their mythologies which are referenced in many forms and necessary for cultural literacy. We'll also consider European literature including works of Shakespeare and other medieval literature such as the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Modern novels from other cultures will be studied as well. Students will have reading and graded writing assignments/projects and are expected to participate in class discussions.

Wendy Hale has a B.A. in English from Mary Washington College, Summa Cum Laude.​ She was an English instructor for Spotsylvania County Schools from 1988-1995. She taught her own four children at home from 2000-2017 and partnered with Arete Christian Academy as a board member, parent, and tutor since its founding in 2005.

Journalism - Mona Bausone           Not offered in 2018
11th -12th grades (with exceptions)
1 Day per Week​

Learn what it takes to be a journalist. Effectively report what’s happening in our community and Arete. Use your knowledge to produce an Arete newsletter and to put together the Arete yearbook. We will practice various writing styles, focus on layout and design, and learn the essentials of the media industry. Students enrolled must be willing to meet required deadlines, must be willing to attend various events for reporting and interviewing, and have editing and writing skills.  See our latest newsletter, Arete Ink.

Elements of Literature - ​Wendy Hale ​  Not offered in 2018
9th & 10th Grade
1 Day per Week

​Students will develop skills in literary analysis through the study of the short story, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama.  We will consider works from writers around the globe and analyze and interpret these works from a  worldview prospective. Works such as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," and Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird will be included in the reading list.​​

World History- Tammy Elrod
High School​
1 Day per Week​
$45/Month; $30 supply fee for the year
Texts: Exploring World History, Part 1 (Updated Edition 2014) by Ray Notgrass for the 1st semester and Exploring World History, Part 2 (Updated Edition 2014) by Ray Notgrass for 2nd semester ​​(Both available on christianbook.com for $45 each.)

Contact: btelrod@comcast.net​​

This high school History course covers creation through the present day. First semester will begin with God's creation of the world and wraps up in the Middle Ages. Second semester will begin with the Renaissance period and end at the present day. We will study some of the world's most important events, issues, and people and will cover Western Civilization as well as Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

​​​​​World Geography- Tammy Elrod
High School
1 Day per Week​
$45/Month; $30 supply fee for the year
Texts: BJU Geography Student Text, Third Edition​​ (available on christianbook.com $60.56)

​​Contact: btelrod@comcast.net​​

In this high school class, we will go on a grand tour of the world, exploring culture, geographic principles, and important information about each region. We will approach this subject from a Christian perspective and will learn map skills and how to use charts and diagrams along the way as we explore each region and its people. 

Tammy Elrod has a B.A. in History from the University of Mary Washington, graduating Magna Cum Laude with Final Honors. She taught Social Studies in Dinwiddie County from 1985-1989. She then worked as a bank manager until her retirement in 2018. She and her husband, Bill, have homeschooled their three children since 2003.
Creative Writing - Jessica Wood Not offered in 2018
9th Grade and higher
1 Day per Week

​This class will explore creative writing through novels and excerpts from classic and popular literature.  We will not just study different elements of literature, such as setting and characters, but we will create them through dialogue and description.  This class will explore many of the fundamentals of literature, such as characterization, conflict, dialogue, theme, point of view and plot through story telling.  All grammar will be based on the writing we are creating.  We will work on different parts of writing such as:  dialogue, beginnings, endings, description, etc.