Aretè Christian Homeschool Cooperative
​      Registration Instructions

New Families​...
  Read Student Handbook (downloadable at Student Handbook)
​Complete and submit one Student Enrollment Form per student and send to address
    ​ below for board review.   The board ​will ​reply within 30 days to schedule an
     ​interview appointment.  ​The deadline for interviews is June 30. 
​                Aretè Christian Homeschool Cooperative 
                c/o Liberty Christian School
                8094 Liberty Circle, ​​ Mechanicsville, VA 23111
3.  After the interview, the board will contact you with ​your acceptance.
4.  Tour Arete on one of the scheduled Open House/Tour dates if desired.​
     NOTE: registration forms may be submitted at the tour.​

     *The first Open House/Tour is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19th @ 11:00 a.m.
​     *The second Open House/Tour is scheduled for Friday, March 29th @ 11:00 a.m.
​       (​To schedule a tour, contact​

5.  View the Course Offering page. 
6.  Find the selected courses on the Schedule of Courses page.​
7Complete and submit one Registration Form (which is two pages) per student.
     New Family Registrations will be processed beginning April 9th.​

​​​Returning Families...
1. Complete and submit one Registration Form (which is two pages) per student.
2. Please turn in the registration form(s) with the registration fee to the address above or to        the registration drop basket located in the hallway outside the facilitator office.
3.  Please do NOT fill out a New Student Enrollment form. These are for new students only.​

**On time registration deadline is May 31st and late registration deadline is  June 30th.

​**Please note that if a class doesn't meet its class minimum by June 30th, the class may be cancelled
We will notify you if a class your student has registered for does not hold so that you have time to register for another class if you so desire. Registrations cannot be accepted after June 30.


Registration dates for the 2019-20 Academic Year are as follows:

​March 4
 - Registration opens for all        returning families

April 8 - Registration opens for
​new families

May 31 - On time registration closes

June 30 - Registration closes​​  


​ March 19th @ 11:00
March 29th @ 11:00​​​​
Mark your calendars!
Parent/Student Orientation
Tuesday, August 20th at 6:30 p.m.
Do everything you can to be there! 
*Meet the tutors
*Meet the board
*Meet your classmates
*Important announcements made every year!​​​​