Tuition Fees...

1. The first month's payment and any one-time copy/supply fees are due at the Family Orientation meeting on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. Please write all checks out to each individual tutor.

2. ​​
Subsequent fees are due by the first of each month. Again, please write checks out to each individual tutor. If sending cash, please put the cash in an envelope with your student's name AND the tutor's name on the outside of the envelope.

​​There is a hanging pocket banner for tuition payments in the hall outside the office each week where the students can deliver their tuition payments. If payment is not received, the student may not be allowed in class until payment to the tutor is made. Please communicate with the tutor if there is a problem.

4. IMPORTANT: If your high schooler will be using study hall during the school year, the fee is $10 per month PER study hall. For instance, if your child has a study hall on Tuesday AND a study hall on Friday, $10 would have to be paid to EACH study hall tutor (so $20 total). Remember to mark your cash envelopes with your student's name and the study hall monitor.

5. ​IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE BOARD: The Arete Board recognizes the sincere dedication of our tutors and supports a $15 penalty to be added for tuition checks paid after the 20th of the month.

​​​**Only one study hall per day is allowed, as we have very limited space and we want to use that space for academic courses. Middle schoolers will not need study hall as their classes are first thing in the morning and/or late in the afternoon. They may go home between classes if they are taking more than one course. Thank you for your support and understanding as we strive to put academic excellence first. 
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