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Areté : excellency, being pleasing to God, the excellence of God revealed in the work of salvation.
Areté denotes in a moral sense what gives man his worth, his efficiency. In the NT: virtue, excellency, perfection (1 Pet. 2:9); the virtue as a force or energy of the Holy Spirit accompanying the preaching of the glorious Gospel, called glory in 2 Pet. 1:3; human virtue in general (Phil. 4:8); courage fortitude, resolution (2 Pet. 1:5), moral excellence.
areté(ahr-i-tey) n. moral excellence.
Origin: Greek - 
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Q. Does Arete offer sports programs?
A. No, but many of our students participate in homeschool varsity sports under one of the following groups:
​richmondspiritathletics.com or cvhaa.org.

Q. My child has special needs. Is there a place for him/her at Arete?
A. Please contact us to schedule an interview. We consider students on a case by case basis. While we
​recognize that God has a wonderful plan for all of his children, our tutors are not trained to work with all special
needs. ​​​We will need to meet you and your child to determine if Arete can provide adequate instruction.

​Q. Why are there so few middle school classes offered this year?
A. With the current space limitations, our board went to our stated purpose for direction in selecting our offerings.
In that we seek to provide a supplement for courses that are difficult for parents to teach at home, we felt it more
important to focus on high school courses. Many parents are capable of teaching middle school level courses.
We do offer a few to allow middle school students an opportunity to experience the classroom setting.​​​​ Middle
school students may not remain at the co-op all day. Their course offerings are at the 9:00 block and then again beginning at 2:00 in the afternoon. We are so grateful for the wonderful space we have been afforded at Fairmount Christian Church. This year our classrooms have been reduced and we have limited space. We are not able to offer study hall to middle school at this time. 
Q. How do I register
A. How To Register

Q. What days / times are classes?
A. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-4:30.

Q. Do all classes meet both days?
A. No. Many classes meet twice a week, but some are only one-day classes. The schedule of classes and the course
descriptions will help clarify this. If a class is listed on both days, it is a twice-a-week class.

Q. Do my students need to stay on campus from 9-4:30?
A. No. Students may select classes that work best for them and leave when those classes end.

A. What if my students have a long break between their classes?
Q. Study Hall is available at all blocks; however, students may only take one study hall per day. Study hall is not available for         middle schoolers at this time. 
Q. Is this class ______ offered at Arete this year? When?
A. Schedule of Courses.

Q. Why isn't __________ class offered this year at Arete?
A. There is less demand for certain classes and they are offered on a rotating schedule. The course you are looking
for may return to our schedule another year. You can always request certain courses be added to the schedule the following year and we'll pass your suggestion on to our amazing tutors! (See the bottom of the course offering page for more info.) 

​​Q. Can my student take all their classes at Arete?
A. No. Arete is not meant to replace home instruction, but rather to supplement it.

Q. Is Arete a School?​
A. No. Arete is a supplement to parent directed home education led by individual tutors. We are a homeschool cooperative.
Q. Does Arete provide transcripts?
A. No. Each tutor will provide progress reports and report cards. The parents will be responsible to compile these
into a complete transcript. We can recommend a consultant to help parents in this endeavor.

Q. Does Arete have a graduation ceremony?
A. Yes. The graduation for the class of 2020 will be held May 30, 2020 in the Activity Center on campus. Graduations
are run by a volunteer committee.

Q. I'm new to Arete. Are there any special procedures to follow for first time acceptance?
A. Yes. Please contact us to schedule an interview and tour. Please send your student enrollment form
in at least two weeks prior to the interview. The board will make a decision about your acceptance based on the
interview and form. See our How to Register page for more information.

Q.  Can I tour Arete before deciding to enroll?
A.  Yes.  There are Open House tours in early Spring.  Dates are listed on the "How to Register" page.

Q. When do classes begin/end?
A. Academic Calendar

Q. Is it too late to register?
A. The early registration deadline is May 31. After this date the registration fee goes up to $150.
The registration deadline is June 30. This is different than previous years. Be aware that classes that meet
​the maximum number of students will be closed. New families must enroll before registering.

Q. Why should I register early?
A. Some classes fill up very quickly. Once a class reaches capacity, registration for that class closes. There
are 4 or 5 classes that consistently close in mid-Spring. Check the Schedule of Courses to see if your
class is closed.  

Q. Do you ever allow students to be put on a wait list for classes that are closed?
A. Yes. Please request this on your registration form by writing, "Wait List," after the course title.
Q. Can I register at the Orientation Night in August?
A. No. That does not give tutors time to properly prepare for your student. Registration deadline is ​​​June 30. Please register by this time. 

Q. Why have many of the middle school classes not met the minimum number of students while most of the
higher level classes have? I'm worried that they will be dropped.
A. Returning students tend to know which classes they will need and register early. Many middle school students
​are new to Arete and register later. It is very typical for the middle school classes to fill in June, rather than in

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What grade levels are offered at Arete?
A. Arete offers classes for Middle School (7th and 8th grade only) and all four levels of high school.

Q. My child is in middle school, but is only 10 years old. Can he/she enroll.
A. No. We have found that children in the lower middle school grades, although academically ready, often have a difficult time
adjusting to the social atmosphere at Arete. Keep in mind your child would be often mixed with high schoolers in the halls and at lunch. We now have limited space and have had to reduce our student body to 7th and 8th graders at the beginning and/or the very end of the day and reserved the middle of the day for core, credited high school courses needed for high school graduation.

Q.  Do you accept 6th grade students?
A.  No, not at this time. Middle school begins in 7th grade at our co-op. An 8th grader MAY take a high school course if given permission by the course tutor. ​​